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7 Fascinating Facts about Lloydminster

About Lloydminster

Lloydminster distinguished itself from the rest of Canada by its border position, which determined many of the city's features. The 50th meridian passes through it, along which the border between the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta is defined. The meridian is marked by substantial bright red border pillars up to 30m high, which are the village's hallmark and attract a large number of tourists.

The border divides the city into two zones, as a result of which one part of the inhabitants officially resides in the Saskatchewan region, the other in Alberta. At the same time, twice a year, the entire city changes the time by an hour, as is customary in Alberta. As a result, a piece of the province of Saskatchewan lives in a different time that does not coincide with the rest of the region's cities. Residents also often get confused about postal addresses and telephone prefixes.

Image source: https://www.mcelhanney.com/locations/lloydminster-alberta/
Image source: https://www.mcelhanney.com/locations/lloydminster-alberta/

Here are 7 interesting facts about Lloydminster city:

  • The city was initially conceived as a British utopian settlement. The city was founded in 1903 by the colonists of Barr. Lloydminster was named after George Lloyd, an Anglican priest who became Bishop of Saskatchewan in 1922. Lloyd was a staunch opponent of non-British immigration to Canada.
  • The city developed extremely rapidly. In 1904, the first telegraph office and a church appeared here. In 1905, the Lloydminster Daily Times newspaper began publishing.
  • The city became the tenth city of both provinces (Alberta and Saskatchewan) in 1958.
  • Lloydminster is Canada's forerunner in oil extraction, refining and agricultural production. This status is reflected in numerous exhibitions, parks, and centers dedicated to the industrial achievements of the city and its inhabitants, who are doing a lot for the development of the region and the entire country.
  • Lloydminster is home to hundreds of family restaurants, steak houses, pubs and cafes to suit all tastes. Canada is a multinational country, so the cuisine preferences of local residents can be very different.
  • Because of the often long and dry winters, the people of Lloydminster love hockey. Almost all world famous hockey players were born in this city.
  • Heritage Day is an annual public event that celebrates Lloydminster's humble beginnings, rich heritage and agricultural roots. Heritage Day, held at the Lloydminster Cultural and Science Center, is stored on a civil holiday on Monday in August.