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    7 Fascinating Facts about Lloydminster

    Lloydminster distinguished itself from the rest of Canada by its border position, which determined many of the city's features. The 50th meridian passes through it, along which the border between the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta is defined. The meridian is marked by substantial bright red border pillars up to 30m high, which are the village's hallmark and attract a large number of tourists.

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    Fort McMurray History

    Fort McMurray is an urban area in Wood Buffalo municipality in Alberta, Canada. From 1980 to 1995, Fort McMurray had city status. Then in 1995, the city was merged with the Wood Buffalo metropolitan area. 

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    History of Red Deer Development

    Red Deer is located in the central province of Alberta in Canada. The city is located in an aspen park, a region of hills where oil, grain and livestock are raised. It is a center for the distribution of oil and agriculture, and the surrounding region is a major center for petrochemical production. 

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    History of the Lacombe

    Lacombe is a city located in the province of Alberta, Canada. The city is located in a hilly park area. Lacombe became the 17th city of Alberta on September 5, 2010.