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Lloydminster, AB

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The Canadian city of Lloydminster has the uncommon geographic feature of straddling the boundary between the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Both provinces have incorporated the city as a single city with a single municipal administration.


The City of Lloydminster in Alberta had a population of 19,739 people living in 7,636 of its 8,530 total private residences in the 2021 Census the Population, an increase of 0.5% from its 2016 population of 19,645. Its population density in 2021 was 823.1/km2 (2,131.9/sq mi), with a land area of 23.98 km2 (9.26 sq mi). The population of Lloydminster in Saskatchewan increased by 0.7% from 2016 to 11,843 people living in 4,443 of the city's 5,002 private homes. Its population density in 2016 was 655.8/km2 (1,698.4/sq mi), with a land area of 18.06 km2 (6.97 sq mi).

A total of 12,079 of the city of Lloydminster's 13532 private homes were occupied by 31,582 people, an increase of 0.5% over the 31,410 people who lived there in 2016. Its population density in 2016 was 751.2/km2 (1,945.7/sq mi), with a land area of 42.04 km2 (16.23 sq mi).

Population in Lloydminster, AB
Population in Lloydminster, AB

Official website: https://www.lloydminster.ca/

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