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Alberta is a very business-friendly province. The main points that prove this fact:

  • Stability of the political system - Canada is in the top 30 of the World Bank's Political Stability Index (2019).
  • A safe place for your investments - Six major Canadian banks ranked among the top ten safest and trusted banks in North America by Global Finance Magazine (2020).
  • Great business climate - Alberta has the highest economic freedom in Canada. It was ranked by the Fraser Institute's Economic Freedom Index (2020).

Despite its small population, Albert is a very economically developed province. It has the second-highest annual GDP growth in Canada (1999-2019) at 2.7%.

GDP Grawth in Canada
GDP Grawth in Canada

Alberta's investors are such large companies as EDF (France), Gilead (America) and Sinopec (China). They are investing billions of dollars in the provincial economy. Investment per capita is nearly double the Canadian average.

Alberta offers investors a favorable business climate and rich and high-quality agricultural raw materials at competitive prices. There are reliable transport links to global markets, as well as opportunities for innovative research and development. The province also has a highly developed aerospace sector. It is very diverse, with hundreds of companies operating in different sub-sectors offering a wide range of products and services.

Tourism is one of the essential industries in Alberta. It generates more than 36 million visits. In addition to all sectors named above Alberta's financial services sector has experienced exceptional growth over the past ten years, fueled by strong investment in the Alberta energy sector. One more significant potential for investors is the petrochemical industry. Alberta is Canada's leading oil refining and petrochemical manufacturer.

Local Businesses in Alberta
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